Following a string of differently brilliant EP projects, iO are finally releasing their debut album. The outlet for the album release is, a very well known to iO fans, label Mulen. Without any exaggeration Barefooter can be called a longplayer - album, as it consists of 14 tracks, 10 of which will be available in digital format and 4 only on vinyl.

It is difficult to judge whether the release will meet the audience expectations, at least because this kind of iO no-one has heard, yet. Whilst for many producers releasing a debut album is like summarising their sound by repackaging old tracks under a new cover, Barefooter - is an independent work, it is more like the beginning of a fresh chapter, rather than a retrospective of the past.

Leaving behind trendy peak-time sound, iO delves deep into the depths of house music and takes to it like duck to water. Firstly, jazz riffs and abundance of syncopation, draw attention to themselves and make the sound more "mature" and original. Samples, without which it is difficult to imagine iO are softer and deeper, rhythms are slowler. Thanks to the creative production techniques, percussion grooves organically develop into melodies, this will most certainly please real music lovers.

The album really deserves to be heard in full, there is practically no bulging "hits" or "filler" tracks. Barefooter - is a real story with it’s prelude, climax and epilogue. This release will be accompanied by an additional bonus remix EP from Mulen artists. Westboy, Tish & Federico Molinari, Deep Square, Kirik are all presenting their visions of IO tracks, mostly providing them with a solid dancefloor groove. This thought-through combination of efforts by talented musicians once again demonstrates the unique potential of Mulen label.

iO (Mulen)

vinyl only

The Barefooter 12"

Catalog# Mulenv001
Release date:
Tech House
B2 Crossway
B1 Husky
A2 Lucid Dreaming
A1 Under the Bridge