Debut iO (Mulen), KIRIK
  • Release Date 16 May 2013
  • Catalogue Mulen05
iO (Mulen) & KiRiK - Affection
iO (Mulen) & KiRiK - Debut
iO (Mulen) & KiRiK - Debut (Marcman's Mestec Remix)
iO (Mulen) & KiRiK - Streetball
  • Butch Bouq / Desolat
    nice ep!
  • Matt Tolfrey Leftroom
    Loving it.
  • Raresh [a:rpia:r]
    Nice release . Thanks!
  • Reboot Cocoon / Cadenza
    i will try it out. Thanks for the music !
  • Wehbba Toolroom / Tronic
    Really liking all tracks, but the remix is my main pick
  • Mihai Popoviciu CYCLIC
    Nice tracks, will try them!
  • Tripmastaz Plant 74
    Both Debuts works 4 me.
  • Chris Carrier Adult Only
    Great remix
    Full Support
  • UGLH
    Cool music thanks
  • Darlyn Vlys Avotre/ Noir/ Terminal M
    Love the whole release!
  • Rich Wakley / Spektre Roush, Definition, Resonance
    Big fans of iO's productions....this is right down my street....looking forward to playing this summer!
  • Nice7 noir / gruuve
    will try out. thanks!
  • Daniel Sanchez Bla Bla
    Thanx for this!
  • Slam SOMA
    thanx for the tunes - will try out - cheers
  • Federico Molinari Oslo
    Nice release!
  • Onno Get Physical
    Great stuff! Marcman remix is off the hook!
  • Schwa  (Shades of Gray) BEEF
    Excellent music! Thanks a lot :)
    yeah this is cool release again !
    my fav is marcman's rmx! thx for sharing
  • Hermanez Aella Music/ Inmotion
    Nice vibe here, full support !
  • Carlos Sanchez Lowwaxx / Home Invasion
    Love this release!! full support guys, thanks!
  • Alex Piccini Cécille / Area remote
    Streetball for me!! thank you!
  • Seb Zito Fuse London & Infuse
    Great EP, Streetball is my fave along with the marcman mix, thanks.
  • Marko Nastic Memoria / Sleep is Commercial
    full support!
  • Los Suruba Suruba
    Nice release as usual, wil play for sure!
  • Mirco Violi Catwash
    good release.Marcman remix is very nice.
  • Nekes Oslo / Ama
    Great Ep . Thank you !!!
  • Someone Else Foundsound, Little Helpers, Get Physical
    mestec rmx and streetball
  • Hugo Tuning Spork / Mobilee / Systematic
  • F.E.X Robotronic
    i'm into streetball, will play ;)
  • bvoice Fellows
    E-spa-si-bo! Kirik in our dumb heads! Ever & Ever)
    One love!
  • Patrick Zigon
    awesome ep - great cover!
  • Javier Carballo Overall Music / Vatos Locos
    Great reelase original & Marcman remix are dop! thanks!
  • Phonic Lab
    Really cool release! Many Thanks ©  Cookies Policy

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