Maha Shakti Plusculaar
  • Release Date 23 Feb 2015
  • Catalogue Mulen013
Plusculaar - Enchanted Lake
Plusculaar - Maha Shakti
Plusculaar - Tough
Plusculaar - Raw Rock
  • James Teej My Favorite Robot, Last Night On Earth
    enchanted lake is awesome! another nice release from you guys, great stuff
  • Tim Green Cocoon
    wicked release! love Maha Shakti and Raw Rock the most! cheers x
  • Damian Lazarus Crosstown Rebels
    Listening now. x
  • Giovanni Verrina ALL INN
    just in time for the weekend thanks!
  • Laura Jones Leftroom Records
    Lovely release ! All tracks are great but can see myself playing Tough and Raw Rock the most probably. Thanks for sending :)
  • Re-UP (Leo) Kina
    Nice one! wicked organic grooves here
    thanks for music
  • Terence :Terry: Real Tone
    High quality release from mulen again ,like Raw rock & tough
  • Benno Blome Sender
    raw rock for me thx!
  • Andrew Grant Circoloco / EDEC
    Always enjoy the label.... this on eproves why!!!
  • Danny Tenaglia TWISTED
    sounds good..thanks!!!
  • Chaim BPitch Control / Supplement Facts
    Thank you
  • Daniel Mehlhart
    Tough and Raw Rock for me. Great release!
  • UGLH
    Nice tracks. Maha Shakti and Tough my fav. Thx
  • Moodymanc
    Really like the sound and aesthetic throughout here, maha shakti in particular thanks
  • matthew dekay All Day I Dream
    Great EP here
  • Mr.Statik
    Digging the mood here, really well crafted cuts, thanks!
  • Nice7 noir / gruuve
    goood release!
  • Tripmastaz Plant 74
    Maha is nice
  • Re-UP Kina Music
    nice ep
    Maha Shakti my fav

  • Cesar Marveille
    Very nice thx for the music
  • Alexi Delano Plus8 / Visionquest / ADLimited
    Nice !
  • Someone Else Foundsound, Little Helpers, Get Physical
    really nice ep
  • Leon Cecille / Viva
    nice ep guys, i will try it
  • Primarie Tzinah
    Maha Shakti pentru mine, Multumesc !
  • Marko Nastic Memoria / Sleep is Commercial
    nice one, tnx
  • Seb Zito Fuse London & Infuse
    Nice ep
  • Adjustment Bureau Redpanda/Pleasure Zone/Hypertone
    Powerfull tracks! "Raw Rock" its Rock. Thanx
  • Dan Drastic Moon Harbour
    Really cool EP.
  • Scott Kemp Mobilee | NoVus | Karton
    great EP
  • Nekes Oslo / Ama
    Great EP !!! thx
    RAW ROCK for me! i will rock it ! good vibe
  • Polarize All Inn / nilla
    thanks for sending!
  • Schwa  (Shades of Gray) BEEF
    Love these broken and abstract groovers. Great work again!
  • Onno Get Physical
    dope stuff! thanks!
  • Nu Zau UVAR
  • Clio
    there is the romanian sound....and there is Plusculaar...excellent ep here !
  • Jozhy K Tzinah Family, Mulen Records, Body Parts
    thanks for this! will play
  • Alex Piccini Cécille / Area remote
    Great music as usual!! thank you
  • libe Mulen
    As always, Mulen is keeping his own sound ! Some quality grooves here, i can't decide about a specific track because i dig all of them :) So cheers for the pack and looking forward to your next release !
  • Kareem Cali Inmotion
    very well done nice feelings and vibe overall
  • Doomwork Cocoon
    NICE!! Thanks D.
  • Los Suruba Suruba
    Nice release, will try, thanks!
  • Dachshund Highgrade
    nice one mr Plusculaar!!
  • Gavin Herlihy Leftroom Records / Cadenza / Crosstown Rebels / etc
    ANother nice one EP.. all four tracks sound a bit like being hugged by a sub woofer ;)
  • Markus Homm Highgrade
    Nice EP.
  • Caceress Low To High
    I'll play for sure... Thanks!
  • Yvel & Tristan Hi!Fly Music / Little Helpers
    Full support! Thanks!
  • Ludvan Allan Serkal / Kina Music / Inmotion / Baile Musik
    Tough sounds good for me, thx for sending
  • Andrey Zots NERVMUSIC
    Thanks for this. Mr. Pluscular's music has that special, kind of "gritty" quality. I find it very useful.
  • PIEK Sincopat
    Very solid EP.
    Enchanted Lake is my fav.
    Thank you.
  • Bunte Bummler 8bit / Little Helpers
    Always dope stuff from Plusculaar...
    We will play some of these for sure!
  • Jorge Savoretti Savor Music
    Tough 4 me :)
  • Arapu CrazyJack / Kina / Body Parts
    Nice one, I like tough.
  • Ilario Liburni Invade / Cardinal
    Bravo Plusculaar! Always such crazy sounds! Love it
  • bvoice Fellows
    Cool! Checkin mode. Hug!
  • Ada Kaleh Ada Kaleh Romania
    Good stuff, Will try out.
  • Noah Pred Thoughtless, False Image, Concubine
    Quality deep jams as usual from Plusculaar.
    Great as always!
  • Zefzeed All inn / Body parts
    Lovely ep , thank you!
  • gorbani ELARUM / MIND&VISION
    Very cool. Thx for the music! Maha Shakti for me ...
  • Iuly.B Claque / Memoria / Drumma
    Enchanted lake sounds really nice!
  • Jon Lemmon Baseware Distribution / Viva Recordings
    Another fantastic release from Mulen....I think I'll be adding Maha Shakti to future sets.
  • Hansel Tzinah / Leone
    Enchanted Lake great!
  • Vaia House Guru
    As always sounds hot! Touch for me ...
  • M-Phunk Tzinah Records
    Nice tracks! Thanks
  • Dubphone Serialism / Get Physical Music
    great pack. support
  • Adrian Escobar
    good release again on mulen,more than a fav here,thanks for sending will try it out this week,tough and raw rock !!
  • Phrasis Veteris All Inn
    Tough is a good one! Thank you
  • Bronxy ÉTÉ
  • Loopdeville Delooped
    Thanks Mullen.Lovin the release.
  • Baraso Park & Ride
    Maha Shakti is so nice! Thx :)
  • olderic area remote
    tough and raw rock!!
    thanks , nice music , my fav.PLUSCULAAR - TOUGH
  • Little Hado Sleep is Commercial / Music Is Art
    nice ep !! thanks
  • Gabriel Palko Persoul
    Amazing EP, I love those dope conceptual vibes! "Tough" is my pick!
  • Nice 'n Trick TUPIAR, MULEN, MOVIDA
    Maha Shakti is nice !
  • Vadim Griboedov Subself Records
    glad to see u here Plus) proper disco
  • Zetqa Far Far Away/Simple Things rec
    nice ep ,thanks a lot! will play them! ;)
  • Saktu Heisenberg
    MAHA SHAKTI for me. thanks, big ups for Mulen as usual!
  • Mays
    wow! sunny sound! support!
  • Belogurov Monocline
    thanks...maha shakti for me! ©  Cookies Policy

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