Waterloo Westboy
  • Release Date 04 Apr 2012
  • Catalogue Mulen02
WestBoy - Ghetto people
WestBoy - Ghetto people (Tripmastaz Plant 74 Dub)
WestBoy - Sommelier
WestBoy - Waterloo
  • Luciano Cadenza
    Thanks a lot! L
  • Tini Desolat
    Waterloo for me here! thanks
  • Nicole Moudaber
    Brilliant stuff
  • Jacuzzi Boys
    BOMB!!! will check it tonight. thx
  • Re-UP Kina Music
    Your feedback...
  • Florian Kruse Dirt Crew / OFF Recordings
    Great tunes by my friends from ukraine! thumbs up!
  • Tom Dazing
    Sommelier and Tripmastaz remix are great! banging stuff!
  • Martin Eyerer
    Sommelier is my fave. Cool release in general. Also the tripmastaz rmx is dope
  • Okain Tsuba / VIVA
    Yoo Guys thanks a lot for the ep..; 4 massive tracks! You have full support from me... Also I have to say that I love the graffik design.. Cheers
  • Gabriel Ananda
    Downloading for Gabriel Ananda, very cool EP! Tripmastaz is the one
  • Mihai Popoviciu CYCLIC
    Nice tracks, my favourites are both versions of ghetto people!
  • MAGDA minus
    Your feedback... Downloaded for Magda
  • Re-UP (Leo) Kina
    Really cool release! big personality on these tracks nice Waterloo and Tripmastaz remix thanks Leo (Re-UP)
  • Paco Osuna
    Downloaded thank you :)
  • Fabio Giannelli District Raw / Get Physical
    Very nice sound, full support : )
  • Luca Marano
    The interpretation of my buddy tripmastaz has the right vibe for me!
  • Daniel Papini
    Support, thanks for sending
  • Marco Effe Break New Soil / Cocoon
    Sommelier for me! Cool track! Thansk
  • Chaim BPitch Control / Supplement Facts
    Cool tracks , thanks
  • UGLH
    Really nice tracks. Thanks
  • Wehbba Toolroom / Tronic
    Both mixes of ghetto people rock, will use a lot
  • Tripmastaz Plant 74
    Go westboy!
  • Kabale und Liebe
    I like the tripmastaz rmx
  • Tom Pooks
    Thanks for promo will tell u soon tom
  • Chaim BPitch Control / Supplement Facts
    Your feedback...great ep
  • Andrew Grant Circoloco / EDEC
  • Darlyn Vlys Avotre/ Noir/ Terminal M
    Solid EP from Westboy Support 100% Thanks
    "Waterloo" and especially "ghetto people" sound great!
  • Davide Squillace
    DL for Davide..thanks !
  • Schwa  (Shades of Gray) BEEF
    Really cool and trippy music. Nice.
  • Los Suruba Suruba
    Hey guys, Cool, we just sent our feedback. Also we played the first release many times ;) cheers and thanks!
    Downloading for John Selway. If he supports the release he will give feedback asap
  • Guido Nemola Recycle
    Good tracks, thanks for the promo! Guido Nemola
  • Westboy Mulen
    Nice!!! =)
    Really nice rmx from Tripmastaz! i will play
  • Los Suruba Suruba
    Nice one! our fav is Ghetto People, support!
  • F.E.X Robotronic
    Interesting release, i'm into tripmastaz rmx, keep up the good work
  • Simon Beeston Highgrade, Thoughtless
    Both mixes of Ghetto People are great. Thanks and support.
  • Mirco Violi Catwash
    Great tracks.full support
  • Simon Beeston Highgrade, Thoughtless
    Both mixes of Ghetto People are great. Thanks and support.
  • Los Suruba Suruba
    Nice one! our fav is Ghetto People, support!
  • Hermanez Aella Music/ Inmotion
    Nice release guy's, thanks !!
    Another nice ep from Mulen! Support...
  • Phonic Lab
    Cool release, all tracks works! Thx
  • Jon Lemmon Baseware Distribution / Viva Recordings
    Excellent tracks from an excellent label!
  • Mike Spirit Highway
    I like waterloo and both versions of Ghetto People. Tripmastaz again great work ) Full Support!
  • Coyu
    Thanks for the promo release guys. Tripmastaz remix is the one for me. Good luck
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